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Model 300

roomaid air filter video

Click here to see an actual test done with a laser particle tester (includes video)

Click here for a complete sizing chart with all portable systems.


Model 300 is a compact, affordable and sturdy HEPA filtration system for use on 12V DC or 110V AC.

This 7-1/2" high, portable HEPA air cleaner weighs only five pounds. Quiet enough for a child's room or home office use, Model 300 fits almost anywhere. Its energy efficient motor/fan has 2 speeds. Children sleep undisturbed as it protects them from contaminants that can aggravate or cause respiratory illness.

Auto and diesel exhaust, smoke and odors are removed by the activated carbon inner filter when you use the Model 300 and optional 12V adapter in trucks, vans and recreational vehicles.

All our HEPA Filtration Systems are U.L. and C.S.A. Approved.

"Exposure to allergens including pollens, house dust mites, molds and animal dander can cause asthma in some patients."

American Lung Association

Why Choose the Roomaid HEPA Filter System?

Three Stage Filtration Process: Ensures removal of large and sub-micron particles, plus harmful vapors, gases and volatile organic compounds (VOC's).
  1. Stage 1 - Large particles: 1/8" thick foam pre-filter. (washable) Removes dust, lint, carpet fibers, dander. (2 included).
  2. Stage 2 - Sub-micron particles: HEPA - 3000 grade borosilicate filter media removes 99.97% of particles 0.03 microns and larger. Removes dust, smoke, pollen, animal dander, bacteria, mold spores, attached viruses, radon daughters.
    (Filter life - 2 to 5 years)
  3. Stage 3 - Activated Carbon Filter: Removes odors and VOC's (volatile organic compounds) that off-gas from aerosols, carpets, cigarette smoke, cleaners, furniture, dry-cleaned clothes, glues, solvents, paint, paneling.
    (Filter life: 6-12 months)
Washable Pre-filter: The snug-fitting pre-filter is machine-washable for longer life and removable of pet hair. Slides over the unit like a sock.

Low Electrical Costs: Draws less than 5 watts.

Space Saving: Compact. Fits on small table.

Lightweight and Portable: 5 pounds. Uses 110VAC or 12V with optional adapter cord.

Rolled Steel Construction: Rugged, greater durability than 'plastic' models.

Inner Air Seals: Top and bottom seals prevent leaks and purified air contamination.

Motor/Fan Designed for Continuous Operation: 35,000 hour run tested.

Easy Changed Filter: Simple design for fast filter replacement.

Model 300 Specifications:
  • U.L. and C.S.A.
  • Physical Size: 7.5" H x 8.5" D
  • Weight: 5 pounds (Shipping weight: 7 lbs.)
  • Case: 24 gauge cold rolled steel
  • 2 Speed operation: High speed draws 425 mA; low speed draws 140 mA.
  • Air Movement: 20 - 40 cubic feet per minute dependent on fan speed/li>
  • 4.5 watts power consumption (12 volts D.C.)
  • Coverage area: 75 - 150 sq. ft.
  • Approved 5 yr. manufacturer warranty. Lifetime half price replacement.

Click here to download the Specifications Sheet .
Click here to download the Manual .
Click here to see how easy the filters are changed .

Click here to see an actual test done with a laser particle tester-with video

Click here for a complete sizing chart with all portable systems.

Click here for a complete list of all filters and replacement parts

Quick Specs:

Class: Portable HEPA Filtration System
Delivered Airflow: 20-40 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
Dimensions: 8.5" round, 7.5" high
Control: 3 position, 2 speed switch
Power Consumption: 4.5 watts
Outflow: 360°
Colors: White &Black

Filter Life:
- Pre-Filter: Washable (12 months)
- HEPA Filter: 2-5 years
- Carbon Filter: 6 months
- Optional V.O.C. Canister: 12 months

Common Applications:
Homes / Bedrooms Office / Workplace Travel / Hotel Automobile
roomade bedroom air purifiers roomade office air purifiers roomade hotel air purifiers roomade car air purifiers

Children's Rooms, Small Rooms, Computer Desks & many more!

Air Changes per Hour (ACH):
100 sqft 250 sqft 500 sqft 750 sqft 1000 sqft 1250 sqft 1500 sqft 1750 sqft 2000 sqft
Model 300 3 ACH 1.2 ACH .6 ACH .4 ACH .3 ACH .24 ACH .2 ACH .17 ACH .15 ACH

Based on 8' ceilings

Generally speaking, the more air changes per hour (ACH) you can provide, the more effective a HEPA filter can be.
1 ACH provides excellent air cleaning results (higher is recommended for people with sensitivities).
Remember: More HEPA is better than less, but some HEPA is better than nothing at all.
Replacement Filters & Accessories:

roomade filter change See a video on how the filters are changed.

roomade filter kit air purifiers

Annual Filter Kit
(2 Pre-Filter, 3 Carbon Filters)

Replacement filters to keep the unit running at maximum efficiency for one year.

roomade hepa

HEPA Cartridge

The HEPA cartridge captures the smallest particulates. Over time (2-5 years) it will become clogged with particulates and significant airflow reductions will occur.

roomade v.o.c. cartridge

Upgrade: V.O.C. Cartridge
(100% Carbon or 60% Carbon / 40% Zeolite)

Heavy duty removal of chemicals and odors.

roomade auto kit air purifiers

Model 300 Auto-Kit

The Auto Kit comes with a Seat Belt Clip (to secure the Model 300 in one spot) and a 12V DC Adapter that plugs right into your cigarette lighter.

Regular price - $425.00

Special - $199.00

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