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Water testing scam

OTTAWA Police have issued a warning to Lanark Country residents about a scam involving water testing.

Ontario Provincial Police and both Montague and Lanark Highlands township offices have received complaints, police say. The general pattern is that a resident receives a telephone call asking if they want their water tested, usually at no cost. In some cases the caller indicates that they are either from the local township or operating on the township's behalf.

If the resident says "yes," police say someone arrives at the home, often as quickly as within 20 minutes, to perform the test. Without fail, it appears that there is an issue with the quality of the water and the resident is offered the "proper" filter system for only $4,000.

The scam sounds similar to something Cornwall police warned the public about last month. Police sent out a reminder to residents that Cornwall city officials do not call residents to test water quality after a telemarketer working on behalf of an independent company made calls "to sell water filtration systems."

Anyone with information about the Lanark County situation is requested to contact the OPP

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